June 28, 2013

En route to Mont-Dore

A trip to Le Mont-Dore in Central France is an extraordinary journey through time and space. Nested in the slopes of the ancient stratovolcano Puy de Sancy, the earth's tremors gave birth to a welcoming ski resort, and a hearty pathway to the highest point in the mountain range. The cable car will only take you to a needle just below the summit, leaving you the pleasure of climbing over 800 steps on a precarious stairway to the top, at 6188 ft. These HDR photos attempt to immerse you in time and space, en route to Mont-Dore, for your viewing pleasure.

Murol and Puy de Sancy

Chambon-sur-Lac and Puy de Sancy


Stairway to the top of Puy de Sancy

Le Mont-Dore from Puy de Sancy

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